Kathrine Jones

Printmakers Collection

We are currently working with our client Buzzacott to create a high quality collection of limited edition prints, including etchings, silk screen, wood cut, lithographs and Gicle. Each print will be individual in style and technique, each by a different artist. The framing will be a consistent style which will hold the art together as a collection. In addition we are commissioning two metal-art installations for the boardroom and reception.

Apr 27th, 2016

By Catherine Thomas


Commissioned Paintings

We installed x2 beatutiful paintings by Dragica Carlin today for a private collector. Here are the artist's thoughts about La Luce della Primavera, (The Light of Spring) Oil on Canvas, 128cm x 100cm. "The light of spring, bloom and awaking are some of the many sensations reflecting in this painting. The light of spring and its luminosity capture the energy and evoke a visual reality which enables us stop and stare and embody the playfulness of pictorial performance." https://vimeo.com/169

Apr 18th, 2016

By Catherine Thomas


Sculpture Programme

  Our fourth installation in Grosvenor's six monthly sculpture changeover programme sees a series of sculptures by Ruth Moilliett. Inspired by the plant kingdom Moilliet draws the viewer’s attention to both the overall spectacle and individual beauty of a plant or flower. An initial response to a flower is that it is a delicate and beautiful object, something that can be picked or crushed. This may be true of an individual bloom but a plants continued lifecycle and relentless growth makes...

Apr 1st, 2016

By Catherine Thomas