20/20 Vision Talks

Art Acumen was invited to AWITA's 20/20 Vison talks hosted by Philips Action House. A rapid-fire discussion pairing of 20 powerhouse women from around the artworld, on a range of topics from innovating to challenging, dreaming to leading.  The talks were inspirational, informative and most importantly honest! Favourite quote of the night; "No experience is ever wasted" AWITA (The Association of Women in the Arts) represents a cross section of females in the art world: gallerists, collectors,...

Apr 30th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Paul Kessling 1

Forming paintings with a sculptural discipline

Paul Kessling trained as a sculptor at the Royal College of Art where he worked with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. He is a modern painter forming paintings with the same sculptural discipline required of the three dimensional form, but in a two dimensional space. He uses his own distinctive painterly structures, stacks of stripes or fields of moving paint to generate a distillation of the well-observed. Whether that be the heft and shift of wind-slammed storms or the impression of light patinating a cloud-mottled...

Apr 20th, 2017

By Catherine Thomas

Worlds Appart

The tipping point between figurative and abstract painting

A recent commission by London based artist, Abi Box, for a private collector. Abi's work explores the tipping point between figurative and abstract painting. Recognisable landscapes, break down into works where light simply shines through colourful texture. Reinventing observations by interrupting accurate depiction with painterly translations, Box creates visual descriptions that are poetically detached from reality. Impressions, full of subtleties and nuances that are just as much about the...

Mar 21st, 2017

By Catherine Thomas


Commissioned Paintings

We installed x2 beatutiful paintings by Dragica Carlin today for a private collector. Here are the artist's thoughts about La Luce della Primavera, (The Light of Spring) Oil on Canvas, 128cm x 100cm. "The light of spring, bloom and awaking are some of the many sensations reflecting in this painting. The light of spring and its luminosity capture the energy and evoke a visual reality which enables us stop and stare and embody the playfulness of pictorial performance."

Apr 18th, 2016

By Catherine Thomas


Contemplating Light, Water & Sky with Luke Elwes

Luke created a pair of paintings for a private collector. Designed to look at the attraction of light, water and sky, he captures the serpentine flow of air and sky as it comes down and meets the ground and becomes water, flowing over pebbles and rocks as they emerge from the stream.   Luke Elwes was born in 1961 in London, where he now lives and works. His early years were spent in Iran, where the light and space of the mountains and desert were a formative influence. The idea of a journey...

Feb 9th, 2016

By Catherine Thomas

ERin Lawlor

Studio Visit with Erin Lawlor

Such a pleasure to visit Erin at her studio today to review available paintings for a client. And an added treat to get a sneak preview of her work going to the Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen for her solo show, curated by Clausen Pedersen. On being asked to describe her working routine..... "There's always an in-between time of doing nothing when I first arrive in the studio. I often start by finishing up the crossword puzzle I've started on the way up in the bus. It's funny but I know a couple...

Jan 7th, 2016

By Catherine Thomas


Orlanda Broom, Lush & Fantastical

We have commissioned Orlanda to create a two meter painting on behalf of our client. "My paintings are lush and colourful landscapes that exist as part of a fantastical, re-imagined place. I have applied a hyper, saturated view of the world and the scenes I paint make no reference to human or animal existence. These places could be future or past as they are untouched; wild, overgrown and ripe to the point of rotten. The initial joyousness, the lure of beauty and colour is tempered by an uneasy...

Dec 18th, 2015

By Catherine Thomas