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Going, going, gone….

“It appears we just got Banksy-ed,”

In an auction room in Mayfair, at the climax of the busiest week in the London art market, Banksy put his Girl With Balloon painting through the shredder shortly after going under the hammer for a little more than £1m.

British artist Jonathan Huxley was compelled to capture Banksy’s act of rebellion – poking fun at the high minded artworld – through the now infamous image of dealers, showing shock and genuine fright.


“I saw the line-up of faces aghast as the picture went through the shredder and immediately thought of Daumier, Breugal, and medieval paintings of audiences and court rooms.”

“I used a simple method to make the image look old but fluorescent colours to cover all ages..then there are all those cell phones of course. They could be looking at anything: a home run, a road accident, Theresa May dancing…”

The irony is not lost that this now canonized act of rebellion from Banksy mocking the establishment has in fact increased the value of the “destroyed” artwork… some might say that the art market always wins.

Jonathan Huxley is a British contemporary painter and is also known for his street art

The artist will make 10 A4 size mono prints which will be on sale for a limited period for £250 each. Please email us for the full selection: info@artacumen.co.uk


Recent update……..

Jonathan will be live drawing as part of a massive flash mob on the main UCL quad, Gower St.   ‘Activists and Architects of Change’ is part of the Bloomsbury Festival and coinciding with the ‘Peoples Vote March’  Join Jonathan this Saturday (20th Oct) at UCL, Gower Street between 1pm – 5pm for what promises to be an exhilarating day!

Oct 10th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

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