Suzie Larke: In the Mind’s Eye

Suzie Larke: In the Mind’s Eye

“In the Minds Eye” is a photographic exhibition by Suzie Larke, inspired by her own experience of mental health and part of CMS’ wider art programme: a series of temporary exhibitions and events arranged by Art Acumen that aim to ENGAGE & INSPIRE

“My project is an attempt to visualise depression and anxiety through conceptual photography. One of the problems with mental illness is that the symptoms are often not outwardly apparent. My work is inspired by personal experience, creating imagery as a means of translating feelings that are difficult to put into words. I hope to raise awareness of depression and promote a greater understanding of the spectrum of experiences. This project is for those who have been affected by mental health issues and those who might be in the future – in effect for everyone.” Suzie Larke

Suzie’s exhibition was timed with CMS’ event “This is Me: the importance of expression to mental health” The event showcased the first public screening and external launch of CMS’ own ‘This is Me’ film featuring 11 CMS staff sharing their own experiences of mental health and illness. Suzie’s exhibition will be on display at CMS’ London headquarters for three months, before being toured to their other UK offices.

Art Acumen believe that a well considered and varied art programme will successfully engage, include, challenge and encourage individuality and creativity. See our article “Engage & inspire for wellness in the workplace” for more details

An interview with Suzie Larke:

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