The Value of Creativity in the Workplace

Following on from our recent post – discussing creativity in the workplace in relation to wellbeing – we continue the conversation by looking at the value of creativity in the workplace in relation to productivity.

Referencing an article by Zoe Humphries (from Steelcase) for onoffice magazine, we look at why a strong creative culture is key to financial performance and  how environment can shape and support it.

Is creativity the new productivity? – onoffice

“Being creative at work is critical for organisations, as technology takes over routine tasks and competition and disruption come from all angles. Employees who are willing and able to identify and solve new problems, try new things and enact and respond to change will make the difference. Creativity also drives business value; McKinsey research finds strong correlation between creativity and financial performance.”

We must also consider that anything that cannot be digitized or automated will become extremely valuable (i.e. our uniquely human qualities); we therefore need to consider the humanness of the spaces we occupy. The working environment needs a range and balance of spaces to enable the right conditions for creative behaviour.

“fostering creativity starts with providing areas for people to come together in groups as well as spaces to move apart to work individually.”

When considering these different types of environments and how a space will be used, the scale of a space and the type of furniture plays an critical role. How we feel in an environment is also an important factor, and this can be driven by thoughtful art selection; art can help with signposting the intention of each space as well as setting the tone. For example, calm abstract works are very effective for the quiet individual thinking spaces, whereas more dynamic artworks can be used in spaces where high energy, collaborative work takes place.


In addition to the right physical conditions, companies can help nurture a creative culture by providing opportunities for staff to engage with a creative process and creative people. A varied art programme can stimulate debate, encourage innovative thinking and inspire ideas.

Art Acumen has over 17 years’ experience in creating and managing engaging art programmes where staff have:

  • selected art for both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions
  • created content for art commissions
  • attended artist workshops and talks


Oct 24th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

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