Jim Hindle - Connection - overall winner - an apartment block located on Spandauer Street Berlin from the dome of Berlin Cathedral

BCO Photo Berlin Winners

Berlin: Be Bold. BCO Photo Berlin Competition Results

 Art Acumen are proud to present the winners of BCO Photo Berlin, the inaugural Instagram photography competition for BCO’s annual conference.

“I would like to congratulate the winners and highlight the overall high standard and diversity of entries. We wanted to create a project without barriers, that was easy to participate in and that communicated thoughts and observations beyond the BCO Conference. As well as providing us with a visual thought-map of the weeks’ activities, we hope that the photography competition added a layer of contemplation, art and poetry to people’s experience as they explored the city.” –Catherine Thomas, MD, Art Acumen

Watch highlights from BCO Annual Conference 2018 | BERLIN:BE BOLD here

1) James Hindle, Tate Hindle
Overall winner.
Diversity – winner.
Judges’ comments:
A well observed shot and very balanced.
Powerful story telling, the photographer alludes to the people behind the façade.
Jim Hindle - Connection - overall winner - an apartment block located on Spandauer Street Berlin from the dome of Berlin Cathedral
2) Stuart Pledge, Mason Navarro Pledge
Overall runner-up.
Inclusion – winner. 
Judges’ comments:
Great juxtaposition between the old and the new.
Good composition.
Technically one of the best pieces.

Stuart Pledge BCOPhoto Berlin 20.05.18 high res
3) Mark Simpson, BDP
Innovation – winner.
Judges comments:
The composition is very good.
The photographer has been very innovative showing the layering of history.

Innovation - Mark Simpson - Humbolt Forum reconstruction site
4) David Blair, TP Bennet
Connection winner

Judges’ comments:
Great sense of vibrancy and movement, connecting people to one Berlin’s most iconic structures.
Technically very good.
Link back to people, which is what architecture is all about.
Connection - David Blair - Brandenburg Gate
Criteria for judging:
Adherence and appropriateness to theme
•Innovative way of delivering message
•Overall artistic impression
•Evokes an emotional response
•Judges personal response


“As most photographs were taken with a smartphone, more emphasis was placed on storytelling and originality than photographic technical skills.”

Jun 20th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

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