Today’s best businesses are overhauling their workplaces to drive creativity and augment their company culture.

The pandemic has instigated the biggest revolution in workplace culture in recent history, giving companies the opportunity to question how we could live and work in better ways. Never before has it been more important for companies to understand the impact workplace culture has on their staff.

Creative cultures are linked to high performance workplaces so as we recover from a global pandemic, there have never been so many reasons for nurturing and encouraging workplace creativity.  Art Acumen’s white paper collates international research to provide a comprehensive view of the benefits of a creative culture for the workplace. The explanation is so clear-cut and memorable, it will become your go-to reference for board meetings and proposals, as well measuring performance on your journey to a creative culture.

Developing a Creative Culture

Knowing the benefits is one thing, but to know how to achieve it is quite another. As experts in using art to support creative culture development, Art Acumen has devised a toolkit of options as part of its pioneering art programme Cultivate™ These carefully designed flexible toolkits caters for the individual needs and preferences of organisations of all sizes. Art Acumen will work closely with clients to design impactful, ongoing creative experiences, taking into account a company’s unique culture, communication opportunities and objectives, meaning that each art programme and engagement strategy is bespoke to each company.

The Cultivate™ programme is a product of Art Acumen’s unrivalled experience in art-based creative culture development.

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