14 St George Street – Pockley

14 St George Street – Pockley

As part of our ongoing art programme for 14 St George Street in Mayfair, we are delighted to be showcasing the work of contemporary painter, Jenny Pockley.

Pockley’s luminous cityscapes juxtapose distant views and street level angles, to display multiple perspectives and a dynamic, revealing way to view the urban environment. The distant views, which Pockley describes as a ‘network and spider web pattern of lights,’ are derived from the artist’s helicopter trips, while the street level paintings focus on the structure of iconic buildings.  Rather than portraying literal views, the two angles examine the effects of artificial light in shaping the structure of these cities from both near and afar.

Pockley’s vibrant contrast of shadow and colour offers hauntingly beautiful representations, which take on a hazy dreamlike quality. Her serene and silent views where time is brought to a standstill, ultimately eliminating the hustle and bustle of the everyday city experience, offers the views a moment of stillness and reflection, a pause on their journey from busy street to bust office.


Since attending the Royal Academy Schools Pockley has achieved great success, with sell out solo shows in London, and exhibitions in Paris, Geneva, New York and Toronto,

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