Circuit of Wales

Circuit of Wales


Art Acumen has designed a large scale commissioning programme that will be truly integrated into the language and structure of the Circuit of Wales (CoW) site and surroundings, successfully articulating the four main themes: unique local landscape, renewable energy, technology and automotive. We will commission Internationally renowned artists as well as harness local talent though direct commissioning and apprenticeships with leading artists.

Commencing on site later this year we will deliver phase one of the art programme in conjunction with the 24 month phase one build programme.

Art is not necessarily the first thing that one would expect to see embellishing one of the world’s leading motor sport and leisure venues. However, the commissioning of Catherine to advise and lead such a significant element of the Circuit of Wales project has helped us to demonstrate the diverse and rich nature of the facility. Crucially, it has allowed us to make a bold statement that underlines the heritage and historical importance of art to the regional community and it’s overall value to the people of Wales“. Martin Whitaker, CEO Circuit of Wales

Our overarching aim is to enhance people's lives through creating high quality, engaging and memorable places for people to live and work in.

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