CMS – CMNO New Acquisitions

CMS – CMNO New Acquisitions

Continuing from CMS UK, Nabarro and Olswang merger and a remodelling of the headquarters at Cannon Place, several new works were commissioned from fine art photographer Allan Forsythe (whose work is already in CMS’s collection). These included a bespoke six meter archival c-type photographic print from the ‘Abstract’ series for the newly designed ‘Deal Suite’ and a collection of works from his new series ‘Aqua Flora’ for client dining rooms.

Allan Forsyth is an artist who explores a breadth of themes that is reflected in the range of techniques he employs: analogue and digital exposures taken by the artist exist in his work, alongside computer generated imagery, photograms, and photographic collages from historic magazines and vintage postcards.

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Forsyth’s heritage conveys his love of the drama of nature to his work, seeking to expand the beauty of natural forms that we sometimes overlook in everyday life, showing an extra dimension in his work. His work has been exhibited and collected internationally. He lives and works in London.

With our art knowledge, creative integrity, commercial acumen and project management skills our clients can be confident that we will deliver bespoke, engaging, high quality projects every time.

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