GSK – Site Specific Commissions

GSK – Site Specific Commissions

Catherine was appointed by GSK’s Art Committee to commission artwork for their new R&D facility in Harlow. Firstly a working group was assembled and the brief established.  Following this, Catherine prepared and presented a longlist of artists to the working group for consideration. A shortlist was selected and the artist invited to present their work and approach to this commission.

Julian Stocks was one of the selected artists.

Designed in collaboration with the scientists at GSK this artwork is based on a circular grid pattern that is reminiscent of the assay plates that are found throughout the facility. This circular motif is repeated at different scales throughout the design and is used as a device to show imagery relating to the current research. The title ‘Invisible Story’ suggests the difficulty of illustrating science on a molecular scale. The scientists at GSK are working on structures that are invisible to the human eye and are only visualized by theoretical models. These conventions of representation are shown in the artwork, but the real inspiration for the work is the imaginative journey undertaken by the scientists themselves. Hence the use of mirrors and lenses within the design. Given the transparent and reflective qualities of the material the audience becomes a key element in the design.

This project was delivered by Catherine Thomas prior to establishing Art Acumen



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