Northridge is a prestigious and forward-thinking sports law firm focusing on the most complex and important matters in sport, and are recognised individually and collectively, as leading advisors in this field.

Art Acumen worked closely with the founding partners to establish an aspirational art collection of early career artists that reflected their sophisticated and complex business, and  that also married seamlessly with the interior architecture. The office is in a recently refurbished warehouse in the City of London, nestled between Barbican and St Pauls, but hidden away from the traffic and noise, creating a more relaxed setting. The interior is a perfect balance of high quality elegant finishes, original features and edgy design.

Peggy Cozzi’s work was selected for its dynamic sense of movement and sense of unconstrained, fluid possibility and vigour

“I create from an awareness that everything is in flux, and I hope to retain that sense of openness-to-change, even in my resolved works. My paintings never resemble closed objects, but I calibrate their openness carefully.”

Dragica Carlin work was selected  for her gestural mark making which capture movement and the potential of movement. Tonal swirls that seam to leap off the canvas move through the space, twisting from narrow to broad and streaked with variegating light and dark tones.

“The speed of my brush and the hues that I use create the painting. Every brushstroke that I apply onto the canvas and every swirl in combination with another, or in relation to the space around, is suggestive to another relationship or possibility. Many artists say that the best things happen by accident. In my process, the best things happen in the moments when chance and pression unite.

Isabelle Menin was selected for her seemingly simple but complex digital photographic compositions. It isn’t surprising that she worked with paints for a decade before moving into digital photography. Her works integrate multiple images in a visual cornucopia of hyper-natural beauty that avoids the obvious while still being engaging and accessible. There are sharp sparks, soft billows and subtle hints.

“Digital technology has been a total release. It was a brand-new device, and it was so fascinating that it gave me the illusion of removing from me all the ballast of the art, my education, my analysis, and the critical distance. Going digital allowed me to push back my limits, to find a much wider sphere of activity where things tied up fluidly and were reversible.”

Northridge’s investment in early-career artists epitomises their long term view. Art Acumen will support the investment by facilitating the connection through regular updates and invites to exhibitions and studio visits.