Creative cultures are linked to high performance workplaces

A creative culture is one of the most desirable assets for any organisation.

And in these unprecedented times, a creative culture is more necessary than ever.

But in the wake of a global pandemic, exactly how can a creative culture be developed?

How can the side effects of significant workplace changes be overcome? And what benefits can a creative culture bring?

We answer all these questions and more in our white paper The Role of Art Programmes in Developing a Creative Culture for the Workplace.

After explaining why a creative culture in a post-pandemic world is so important, we draw on extensive academic and industry research to illustrate the benefits of a creative workplace culture, and introduce our Cultivate art programme. Inspired by the needs of post-pandemic organisations.

“It is imperative that business leaders look towards equipping those they are responsible for, with the knowledge, skills and understanding of what creativity is, and how everybody has the potential to be creative.”

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