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Art Acumen has over twenty years’ experience curating collections and developing programmes to nurture creative culture in the workplace.

A well considered art programme will amplify company culture, stimulate creativity, boost staff morale and promote wellbeing, it will create opportunities to bring people together and galvanise a feeling of belonging as well as encourage diversity and engagement.

Initially we will meet with you for a briefing session, where we will explore the project scope, which may include reusing existing artwork, curation of permanent and temporary collections as well as creative events. We draw on our extensive portfolio of some of the most exciting up-and-coming talent in the art market today alongside an impressive roster of established names, and as we have a truly bespoke approach to all of our projects, we are constantly expanding this collection as we search for the best and most appropriate art and experiences for our clients.

As well as boosting staff morale and promoting wellbeing, a creative culture in the workplace can also drive business value. 

Research shows that creativity is firmly associated with superior performance, and thoughtful, engaging art programmes can play a significant role in nurturing the key behaviours that optimise creativity and the ability to generate innovative ideas.

Our 20 yrs experience across a broad range of sectors affords us an incredible insight to differing company culture and enables us to respond to the individual needs of each organisation, resulting in bespoke highly engaging art programmes with activities to suit. ranging from co-created artwork, changeover exhibitions, artist talks and workshops through to artists in residence schemes and cultural activities outside of the workplace. See Cultivate our pioneering art programme tool kit.

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Our creativity, integrity and extensive knowledge of the art world are combined with effective communication, programme management and design skills. This ensures a bespoke and holistic approach for each client and makes us a valued member of the team.

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