Kate Hrynko

Kate Hrynko

Ukrainian spring captures a blooming chestnut tree, the symbol of Kyiv, in a vivid colour pallet. Experimenting with colour and photography acted as an outlet for Hrynko to organise her emotions during a difficult time in the artists life.

Hrynko expresses her artistic vision through fine art photography, touching on her emotional experience of living with a constant fear during the war, the desire to escape from terrible reality and to see the world through the prism of impressive and bright colours. She focuses on colouring the existing reality to create an uplifting atmosphere in her work.

Exhibition: Charity Exhibition “Inversion 22” Mykola Gogol Kyiv Library, Ukraine 2022 | Charity Exhibition “Through the lens of view” Trade and entertainment center River Mall, Kyiv, Ukraine 2022 | Exhibition “Ukrainians. Nation of unconquered” Art transition Art gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine | Exhibition “In the meadow of red viburnum” Mykola Gogol Kyiv Library, Ukraine 2022

Education: Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Ukraine (Ph.D. in international economic relations) 2021 | University Clermont-Ferrand 1 Auvergne, France (MSc in Management of SME) 2012

Kate Hrynko lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.