AGC Equity Partners

AGC Equity Partners

Working with the company’s CEO and HR Manager, Art Acumen proposed three bespoke commissions to complete their art collection.

Firstly, award-winning ceramic artist Regina Heinz created a hand-built ceramic wall painting inspired by the photograph “Shipyard #18, Qili Port, Zhejiang Province, China, 2005” by Edward Burtynsky, already in the company’s collection.

The second commission was a series of eighteen metal etchings by Rebecca Gouldson, again inspired by an existing artwork in their collection. This time a photograph of a Namibian desert by Henry Dallal, an internationally renowned photographer, whose work encompasses landscapes, royal portraiture and equine culture.

The final commission was a bespoke glass wall hanging by Amy Cushing, one of London’s most creative applied artists known for her unparalleled understanding of fused glass and intuitive sense of colour. The wall hanging consists of meticulously finished individual glass pieces, drawing from the colour pallet of another existing artwork.

Art Acumen managed this commission adding value through:

·         Our understanding of the nature of the interior and existing collection.

·         Leveraging our extensive knowledge of contemporary artists to bring the most appropriate work to enhance our client’s collection.

·         Being a trusted advisor, guiding the client through the art commissioning process.

·         Working with the artist to provide quality management at the fabrication stage.

·         Managing the process from concept through to delivery and installation.


With our art knowledge, creative integrity, commercial acumen and project management skills our clients can be confident that we will deliver bespoke, engaging, high quality projects every time.

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