Private Collector – City

Private Collector – City

Art Acumen sourced artwork to reflect the client’s love of travel and to sit within their wider collection and their interior style. We commissioned two large paintings and sourced etchings, photography and metal wall pieces .

The structured lyrical brush strokes of ‘Green Earth’ captures a raw energy that resonates with both the abstract and figurative language within the clients collection.  Paul Kessling trained as a sculptor at the Royal College of Art where he worked with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. He is a modern painter forming paintings with the same sculptural discipline required of the three dimensional form, but in a two dimensional space. He uses his own distinctive painterly structures, stacks of stripes or fields of moving paint to generate a distillation of the well-observed. Whether that be the heft and shift of wind-slammed storms or the impression of light patinating a cloud-mottled sea.

‘Worlds Apart’ explores the tipping point between figurative and abstract painting. Recognisable landscapes, break down into works where light simply shines through colourful texture. Reinventing observations by interrupting accurate depiction with painterly translations, Abi Box creates visual descriptions that are poetically detached from reality. Impressions, full of subtleties and nuances that are just as much about the paint as the subject matter.  More information about Abi can be found on her blog and studies

Art Acumen oversaw the commissioning process, from briefing the artist and studio visits, through to transportation and installation

We bring the art world to you, sourcing from our extensive portfolio of artists as well as directly from UK and international galleries, auction houses and specialist dealers.

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