“The nature of the material dictates how each piece evolves”

As long time admirers, we are delighted to welcome Paul Vanstone to our sculpture programme in Mayfair. Vanstone has inherited the millennia-old fascination with the possibilities of marble to depict the human form. His fascination is with the hardness and light reflecting qualities of the material and how this can be transformed to portray the curvature of the human body and the delicacy and flow of covering cloth. The nature of the material dictating how each piece evolves. The origins of...

Feb 14th, 2019

By Catherine Thomas


Perception of three-dimensional form

Art Acumen have commissioned London based artist Caroline Lambard on behalf of Withers Worldwide, to create three large drawings for their main reception at 20 Old Bailey. Caroline's work focuses specifically on 3 dimensional form, exploring the structure and character created by relationships of form and void through drawings and installations. The drawings use a process which was developed to express non-figurative form and create visual depth.  Systematic, flowing lines gradually build...

Dec 18th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Tkachuk Natalie Traces Plate 3 A4 Print

Supporting emerging artists early in their careers

We are delighted to have been appointed by Withers Worldwide to curate a collection of contemporary works for their new London Headquarters at 20 Old Bailey. Withers is the premier international  law firm for successful people from all walks of life around the world, from high tech entrepreneurs, senior executives and multi generation families, as well as established and rising stars in the worlds of fashion, arts and sports. The art collection will be a reflection of the qualities admired and...

Nov 12th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas


The Value of Creativity in the Workplace

Following on from our recent post - discussing creativity in the workplace in relation to wellbeing - we continue the conversation by looking at the value of creativity in the workplace in relation to productivity. Referencing an article by Zoe Humphries (from Steelcase) for onoffice magazine, we look at why a strong creative culture is key to financial performance and  how environment can shape and support it. Is creativity the new productivity? - onoffice "Being creative at work is critical...

Oct 24th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Suzie exhbition 2

Engage & inspire for wellness in the workplace

  We know by now that a workplace should inspire and motivate the people who work within it. Studies (by the University of Exeter and British Council for Offices) suggest that, as well as boosting staff morale and promoting wellbeing, a conducive and appealing working environment can significantly up productivity, and we know that art plays a part in that. But once these spaces have been designed, created and the artwork installed, what next? How do we continue to stimulate creativity...

Oct 11th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Audit & Valuations 2

Over 500 artworks audited and valued this summer!

During the months of July and August Art Acumen audited and valued over 500 artworks in four separate locations, for three different clients. We are now working with each client to develop their art strategies, and establish if any of the existing artworks are suitable for reuse in their new offices.  We will then be producing de-acquisition guides for any surplus works. We look forward to sharing details of each of these projects in due course.

Aug 31st, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Jim Hindle - Connection - overall winner - an apartment block located on Spandauer Street Berlin from the dome of Berlin Cathedral

BCO Photo Berlin Winners

Berlin:Be Bold. BCO Photo Berlin Competition Results  Art Acumen are proud to present the winners of BCO Photo Berlin, the inaugural Instagram photography competition for BCO’s annual conference.   “I would like to congratulate the winners and highlight the overall high standard and diversity of entries. We wanted to create a project without barriers, that was easy to participate in and that communicated thoughts and observations beyond the BCO Conference. As well as providing...

Jun 20th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas


Analysing, reducing and interpreting the human form

Art Acumen are delighted to be showcasing a collection of sculpture by Joseph Hillier, in which he harnesses the awesome possibilities of digital technologies to create a body of work that ‘questions the digital revolution we are living through’ using the primal power of the human form as his means of expression. This exhibition is part of a series supported by Grosvenor, and will be on show at 33 Davies Street throughout the summer.

Jun 14th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas


20/20 Vision Talks

Art Acumen was invited to AWITA's 20/20 Vison talks hosted by Philips Action House. A rapid-fire discussion pairing of 20 powerhouse women from around the artworld, on a range of topics from innovating to challenging, dreaming to leading.  The talks were inspirational, informative and most importantly honest! Favourite quote of the night; "No experience is ever wasted" AWITA (The Association of Women in the Arts) represents a cross section of females in the art world: gallerists, collectors,...

Apr 30th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

BCO Art Photo

BCO Photo Berlin

Art Acumen are delighted to be partnering with British Council of Offices for their 2018 conference in Berlin. BCO Photo Berlin is an Instagram based photography competition for all BCO delegates, devised and run by Art Acumen.  We will be inviting the delegates to take photographs of Berlin (inside and out) over the course of the weekend capturing the themes: DIVERSITY INCLUSION INNOVATION CONNECTION BCO and Art Acumen will be promoting the best of the entries throughout the...

Apr 10th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas


Aqua Flora

We are delighted to be working with Allan Forsythe again, with his new series Aqua Flora. Allan will be creating bespoke one off pieces from within the new series, scaled up to add colour, drama and intimacy to a suite of corporate private dining spaces. Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Forsyth’s heritage conveys his love of the drama of nature to his work, seeking to expand the beauty of natural forms that we sometimes overlook in everyday life showing an extra dimension in his work. His...

Mar 7th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

from the side

At home with “The Savoyards”

We are delighted to present " The Savoyards" in its new home at 7 Savoy Court! Our client was delighted too! It looks absolutely fantastic.  It’s everything that we were hoping for.  Simon has captured exactly what we were wanting for this space, reflecting the history of the site whilst staying true to the style that makes Simon’s art so captivating. Thank you so much, it’s superb Click here for the project write up  

Mar 2nd, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Heidi Koenig 2

CBRE Art Collection

Art Acumen procured and curated over fifteen individual artworks as part of a Printmakers Collection for CBRE Global Investment's London office.  The art was selected to both invigorate and enhance the working and client areas as well as reflect the company culture. The artists we worked with were selected for their uniqueness, each representing excellence in their chosen printmaking technique. Click here for more images

Feb 14th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

The Savoyards - Work in Progress

Interview with Simon Casson “The Savoyards” (in progress)

Working with the stakeholders of 7 Savoy Court, Art Acumen proposed a brief and a short list of artists to be considered for a site specific commission for the reception.  It was agreed that the selected artist would create a 4m x 1.5m painting referencing the contemporary and historical stories of Savoy Court and its surrounding area. Royal Academy trained artist, Simon Casson was selected for his beautiful, rich, historical narratives; fragmenting, shielding and obscuring, causing one to peek...

Jan 30th, 2018

By Catherine Thomas

Photo 09-10-2017, 12 57 19

Changeover exhibition for 4-8 Maple Street

Art Acumen were invited to create a changeover exhibition programme for the recently refurbished 4-8 Maple Street, a prime office building in the heart of Fitzrovia.  4-8 Maple Street was built in the early 20th Century as a fire station, and architects made features of the cast-iron steel columns and beams and the aesthetic barrel vaulted brick ceiling on the ground floor. Art Acumen took a lead from the from the cast-iron steel columns and steel beams and proposed a series of wall sculptures...

Oct 10th, 2017

By Catherine Thomas

Karl 2

Art programme for 14 St George Street

As part of our new art programme for 14 St George Street in Mayfair, we are delighted to be showcasing two impressive works by abstract painter Karl Bielik.    Karl’s work is filled with expressive and forceful paint strokes, loose oily wounds and thick emulsions offsetting light glazes and dribbles, he paints, wipes out, paints over, prints, blots, masks, pours, scrapes and scratches. His paintings have been in numerous shows at home and abroad, including The 2016 John Moores Painting Prize, The...

Sep 15th, 2017

By Catherine Thomas


Working with the best new talent

Art Acumen house a database of carefully selected, talented, graduate artists, visiting over 100 degree and MA shows every year in order to bring the best new talent to our clients. We are passionate about giving our artists real opportunities to make a living from their work - before a gallery has signed them up. We also offer guidance and practical hands on management to help them make that transition from student to professional. Many of our clients choose to invest in graduate artists and...

Jul 25th, 2017

By Catherine Thomas

Drugs as a Human Emotion

Graduate Art Rental Programme

WebsEdge were keen house a graduate art programme, in order to create stimulating working areas, as well as supporting artists in their transitional phase from student to professional. Art Acumen created a framework for a staff led selection process and presented a significant longlist of artist, covering a variety of medium and approach. In order to encourage true freedom in the selection process, it was agreed that the artworks should not be guided by one theme, but instead selected on...

May 18th, 2017

By Catherine Thomas

Shelter 1

Temporary Art Rental

Art Acumen have arranged an exhibition of framed prints and wall mounted glass pieces for Medicxi's London offices as a temporary solution while they go through the art commissioning process. Medicxi Ventures is a dynamic life sciences-focused investment firm, backing smart and insightful scientists that they believe will become future industry leaders        ART RENTAL FOR THE WORKPLACE Art Acumen provides flexible art rental programmes for the workplace, offering high...

Mar 21st, 2017

By Catherine Thomas