Box Makers Yard

Box Makers Yard

In line with our commitment to fostering vibrant and engaging communal spaces, we commissioned a collaborative community poem to be prominently featured in and around Box Makers Yard, a new development in Bristol. The feature facilitates meaningful interactions among residents, their guests, and the broader community, driven by the active involvement of members of the community themselves.

The commissioned poet engaged deeply with the local community (residents, workers and visitors), inviting them to share their stories and thoughts about this particular area of Bristol. This inclusive project was shaped by the valuable experiences and contributions of this community, reflecting culture, history and shared experiences of the local area. This collaboration laid the foundation for the poem, one that authentically represents and celebrates the area and resonates with its residents.

The finished poem was thoughtfully integrated into various locations around the Box Makers’ Yard to maximize engagement and enjoyment for the entire community. It serves as a reflective and celebratory ode to both the immediate locale and the broader city catchment, capturing their unique culture and characteristics.

The physical rendering of the poem was meticulously designed around the concept of discovery. Each stanza can be viewed in a specific place or at certain times of the day. This deliberate approach of gradually revealing the poem was chosen to encourage ongoing engagement and connections within our growing community. The poem is made up of different locations: Anamorphic, Shadow, Light, Floor and the full poem. The slow, deliberate reveal symbolizes longevity and reflects Legal & General’s commitment to the development and the people who call it their home.



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