Future London Photography Award

Future London Photography Award

The ‘Future London Photograph Award 2023’ was created by the London property developer GPE and Art Acumen, to support emerging artists as they navigate the gap between graduating and establishing a lasting career.

This award was conceived and developed as an integral component of GPE’s social impact strategy, reflecting their commitment to creating a lasting positive impact that revolves around the support and celebration of the London community. Advancement and support are offered through a commissioned exhibition in central London exhibition, mentoring, workshops, ongoing critique, as well as networking prospects. By holding up a lens (literally) to spaces in London that showcase people enjoying moments on their own as well as spaces that bring people together, GPE will lead the discussion and actively learn from the very real and honest feedback about what makes spaces special.


The winner of this inaugural award, Nico Froehlich was selected for his exceptional aesthetic, which champions and celebrates London’s diversity, community and inclusivity.

Nico’s winning photography series, a response to GPE’s brief, explores London’s communities and captures how they use the spaces between the city’s buildings. The award panel felt that Nico’s submission intertwined the realms of documentary photography with a vibrant celebration of humanity. Nico’s ability to encapsulate stories within fleeting moments invites viewers to embark on flights of imagination. His lens captures a myriad of human emotions and experiences – pride, play, life, ennui, pain, struggle – encapsulating the entire spectrum of human life in his artistry. His work offers us all a rich, evocative perspective on life, leaving us enriched and enlightened.

Please see come and see Nico’s commissioned exhibition at 45 Mortimer Street, showing till April 2024 and download the catalogue here


“Winning the award puts a massive spring in my step! It encourages me even
further to keep
championing the value of community, diversity and an inclusive
London that is cosmopolitan
and welcoming. London is the city it is today because
of the layers of immigration and building
blocks of multiculturalism;
I will never stop celebrating that.
– Nico Froehlich