CEG | Creative Journeys

CEG | Creative Journeys

A unique public art programme for Bristol’s business district, sponsored by CEG Development

Art Acumen was commissioned to create a public art programme to add cultural depth and identity to Bristol’s business district as part of CEG’s EQ development.

“Bristol is one of those wonderful UK cities that has pretty much everything going for it. Great weather (one of the warmest cities in the UK), friendly people, world-class culture, stunning architecture and bursting with creativity.”

The public art programme was designed to bring this creativity to the business district; presenting opportunities for the local community to engage with and discover their surroundings in a novel and nuanced way. The commission commenced with invitations to a diverse group of talented creatives to explore Bristol’s dynamic business district in search of inspiration, be it an architectural or geological feature, a street name or an event from local history. During their walkabouts, the artists were asked to consider reinterpreting the obvious, show the hidden or celebrate the unnoticed or forgotten. 

Each artist meticulously recorded their creative process as part of the commission, to be shown alongside the final work. Through artists’ sketches, notes, maquettes and short films they captured their initial inspiration, idea evolution and execution. A wonderful and rare insight into the minds and workings of 12 talented artists.

The resulting artworks are showcased via an intuitive app along with a record of each creative process. An interactive map guides the participant on an imaginative journey through the eyes of each artists, from painters to dancers and poets to sculptors, as they unveil the area’s intricate details, sharing its captivating stories, delving into key historical events, and contemplating themes of resilience and well-being.

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