Osborne Clarke | Bristol

Osborne Clarke | Bristol

Osborne Clarke, a prominent law firm, sought to embrace art and creativity within their workspace. In celebration of their Bristol office’s momentous move to Halo, designed to be one of the most sustainable offices in the UK, Art Acumen developed a bespoke art collection that embodies the firm’s commitment to transformation through Decarbonisation, Digitisation and Urban Dynamics. The collection reflects these initiatives by intertwining elements of tradition and innovation in a harmonious blend that encapsulate the firm’s drivers.

At the heart of this carefully curated collection lies a poignant poem, inspired by the words of Osborne Clarke’s staff; a testament to the Decarbonisation journey and environmental responsibility that the company embarks on. Furthermore, we are delighted to showcase a captivating papercut commission crafted by the renowned artist and illustrator, Sarah Dennis. This collaboration fosters a profound connection between the artwork and the firm’s core values, instilling a sense of purpose and awareness. By introducing co-created commissions we nurtured employee engagement, individual creativity and reinforced company culture and a sense of belonging.

Engaged employees have a higher level of enthusiasm, motivation and connection throughout their organisation. 

By intertwining human stories within the themes of urban dynamics and green spaces, we curated a diverse and thought-provoking selection of artworks. To illustrate the concept of digitalization, we featured works that celebrated the ever-evolving landscape of digital art, while also incorporating traditional techniques to tell the human stories. Through this bespoke art programme, we not only integrated art seamlessly into Osborne Clarke’s culture but also provided a platform for employees to engage actively with the collection. Our collaboration with the firm ensured that the art collection aligned perfectly with their ethos, inspiring a sense of purpose and shared commitment to excellence in the pursuit of sustainability and innovation.




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