Decarbonisation Journey: Poem

Decarbonisation Journey: Poem

A poem to celebrate Osborne Clarke’s decarbonisation, sustainability, and climate change journeys.

Art Acumen recently commissioned a poet in residence to craft a collective poem inspired by the thoughts and words of the Osborne Clarke staff. This unique endeavour celebrates personal decarbonisation, sustainability, and climate change journeys, encapsulating individual narratives of triumphs and struggles in the challenge of adopting more environmentally friendly practices. The resulting poem not only captured the essence of their experiences but also stands as a powerful testament to Osborne Clarke’s dedication to a sustainable future.

Through active workshops and a digital questionnaire, colleagues at Osborne Clarke participated in shaping the poem, further strengthening their connection to the corporate community and creating a sense of collective purpose. This type of engagement nurtures creativity and foregrounds the individual behind the wider company, as well as communicating Osborne Clarke’s ambitions. Through such creative initiatives, organisations can drive engagement, and inspire actionable change toward a brighter and more sustainable world.

The following trio of poems are the result of this co creative endeavour.

“Nature Knows Best”

“Windows from the Future”

“Drafting an Agreement with the World”


See commissioned papercut artwork inspired by the poem