MidEuropa Art Programme

MidEuropa Art Programme

Art Acumen was approached by MidEuropa, Central Europe’s leading private equity firm, to bring art and creativity into their workplace. After extensive discussions with the executive team, we collaborated on curating a series of annual exhibitions featuring engaging and diverse works on paper.

MidEuropa strives to push boundaries and to ensure a collection that aligns with their commitment to excellence and innovation, we thoughtfully selected artists from countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Serbia to reflect the company. Our aim was to create a collection that reflects the firm’s vision of breaking boundaries and fostering creativity.

This collection showcases the works of five artists who demonstrate a range of traditional techniques, from mediums like etching, drawing, and photography passed down through mentorship, to those who embrace the cutting-edge possibilities of digital art. Our thoughtful curation aims to exemplify MidEuropa’s approach to supporting and transforming companies by embracing both the rich heritage of tradition and the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

At the core of MidEuropa’s art programme is the active involvement of their staff, which we facilitate through a well-designed integrated communication initiative. Leveraging our extensive network, we carefully curated a bespoke art collection that encourages deep thought, personal reflection, and meaningful conversations among employees. By foregrounding a captivating and diverse range of artworks, we aimed to create an environment that inspires creativity and fosters a sense of community within the workplace.

Ukrainian spring 80 x100cm photograph

Kate Hrynko

Hrynko expresses her artistic vision through fine art photography, touching on her emotional experience of living with a constant fear during the war, the desire to escape from terrible reality and to see the world through the prism of impressive and bright colours. She focuses on colouring the existing reality to create an uplifting atmosphere in her work.